First Wave Folder release is Space F!ght‘s Sci-Fi .

We are launching  Space F!ght’s album with limited edition of 100 paper craft pyramids. These go inline with the Space F!ght’s 3D projection mapping show. Similarly to the pyramid on the tour were designed by Jakub Hader. The graphics is generated with audio reactive software that is also used during performances. Design comes from listening to the first beats of the album. Sci-Fi pyramids are available on Space F!ght gigs during Space F!ght Sci-Fi Tour.

Album is inspired by sci-fi novels from P.K. Dick, S. Lem, I. Asimov. Texts used are voice samples of Anna Edgington. These are influencing the improvisation and providing structure for the new pieces. Space F!ght explored duo setups on this album with Stardust (Tom Adams and Radek Rudnicki) and Starlight (James Mainwaring and Radek Rudnicki). The Name and Monster on the other hand feature the whole band, even our secret weapon Dr Matthew Postle (trumpet) is present.

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