Project Description

We are happy to present new album from Radek Rudnicki

Raw, quick and spontaneous album showcasing his working process.  All tracks are made with one patch in 9U Eurorack system while preparing for the 15min performance at ‘Modular Meets: Synth’ in Leeds. Album shows how wide range of material can be created using compact system with a single patch.’Album is intentionally rough and each take/piece is recorded as a single stereo track straight from the Octatrack. I picked my favourite moments and edited them into short tracks. Entire album was created over 2 weeks in August 2016. ‘

This set limitations make the material really interesting and raw and few idiosyncrasies and glitches were kept in.
The Modular grid plan of Eurorack system  is included in the download.Radek invites you to spot the edits in the tracks.
Here is video of featuring excerpt of the gig and the short interview: