Project Description

Re: Conet_c is Radek Rudnicki’s attempt to open source an album, where the entire process of creation is open and accessible to the audience. This includes the release of samples, patches, software developed during the project, scores and guides on how to make each track, early mixes and mastering of the tracks. The album features 6 compositions each with a dubby vibe that go through diverse instrumentation from Elektron boxes, modular synth to the neglected piano samples and pd patches.

Project is documented on Radek’s Instagram feed under #reconetc and includes the creation of audio works/tracks as well as sound pack, Max8 patches, Pure data(pd) patches, ORCΛ algorithms, VCV Rack patches.

This album also highlights work of mixing and mastering engineers which is not so apparent in typical releases. That is why listening to all the versions of each track is recommended. This will reveal the journey of each piece and the effects of that work. The album features mixes from four guest engineers/artists who were given a track each. This includes Nathan MoodyRoel FunckenBenny Tones and Tiny Triumph Recordings(Toby Lloyd). Bob Macc at Subvert Mastering mastered both the mixes submitted to engineers and original mixes.

Albums is released on GitHub as free and open-source repository.

As well as on Wave Folder Records Bandcamp store, where all the high-quality audio is stored and available for download.