Project Description

We are pleased to release first album of Radek Rudnicki & Maho Cwejman – ココデシカ ココダカラ. Album was made between November 2017 and July 2018. Idea originated during Tokyo Festival Of Modular (TFOM 2017) when duo joined the forces and 2x 12U systems during performances in Tokyo. Generated sound material is focused on Cwejman system with industrial and post-dub influences, mixing sharp and precise analog sound with digital grit.

Maho says: ” This album is diary to me, it contains several patches generated over weeks in Tokyo and New Zealand.”

Radek: ” Yeah, piece contain semi improvised (Glitch version, Dub Version), real-time jams (Drone Dub Ending) and generative pieces (Dejavu pt1 and pt2), as well as edited and multi-tracked (Ambient 1 and Ambient 2, Maho vs Robots) made over that period of time.”

Read the full story and more details about the album on Radek’s site.

Video from performances in Tokyo:

Cover inspired by intensity of Tokyo ココデシカ ココダカラ(kokodeshika kokodakara) – it’s here because its from here…

Duo launch the album in Kyoto, Japan.

30th June – 妖怪ビアガーデン Yōkai Beergarden Kyoto Festival of Modular
3rd July – 京都精華大学 Kyoto Seika University
6th July – Modular event TALK & MUSIC Performance FORUM KYOTO

Further performances in the year include

1st September, Modular Workshops Switzerland, Zug, Switzerland

17th/18th November, Tokyo Festival of Modular, Tokyo, Japan